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Once upon a time, a frustrated woman tore apart an instruction sheet while trying to operate her new gadget. It was this event that triggered a light bulb moment, prompting her to ask…. “wouldn’t this be easier if someone could just show me?”
With a background in teaching, superhuman determination and a load of patience, Karen Pouye set to work on building a much needed video platform with the aim of making painful written instructions obsolete
Karen’s skills in design, programming, and multimedia were stretched over 4 years to develop, design, and create the prototype. She recruited her like minded daughter, Kat Morrison to take charge of the marketing and development... filling in the last piece of the puzzle.
Thanks also to encouragement from organizations such as Innovate NSW, Microsoft, iAccelerate and Startup Smart, WHIZBANG was born and soon developed into a larger than life project. The one stop shop video platform is a world's first site specific to product instructional videos. The scanning app can be used on any product barcode worldwide and is attached to a growing library of videos to help you get your products working quickly, simply and fast.

Each product you scan keeps a record of all your items for insurance or onselling AND if you lose your instructions for your regifted phone answering machine…..never fear you can just look it up on the website.

Designed to take the frustration away from flatpack ‘how to’ arguments, home theatre mental breakdowns and office printer rage… Whizbang is quickly growing into the world's one stop shop for product info, support, reviews and videos.

No more sorting through thousands of video results filmed by (rambling Ned) or made by Uncle Ben in the back shed, Whizbang videos are quality reviewed and endorsed by manufacturers so that you have the best ‘how to’ video the internet can provide.

The Whizbang team are working tirelessly to continue the growth of the start up with already 4000 users and 2000 videos. The race to build the content and the users is on. Stay tuned for more on this supersize project.

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If you are a manufacturer, distributer or retailer, see how Whizbang can partner with you: Find out more


What Drives Us

Innovation & creativity

One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out. 
― Jeff Bezos


“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” ~ William James

Courage & Determination

“Fall. Stand. Learn. Adapt.” 
― Mike NortonFighting For Redemption


“Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.” 
― Brian Tracy

MEET OUR TEAM Specialists

A combination of digital genius and networking

The tech department


Specialist Programmers

Our tech team consist of Australian and overseas experts highly skilled to build a robust product capable of development and growth.

team member_Karen Pouye


Director of Digital Technology
Digital producer, Developer,

Karen has a Master's Degree in Digital Media as well as 16 years experience in the industry (film & video as well as web development). She previously worked in education as a teacher & has founded several businesses.

team member-Kat Morrison

Kat Morrison

Marketing and Development Business Owner, Entreprenuer

Kat brings years of marketing & business experience to the table having worked in an array of different industries - government health, entertainment & media. She has successfully managed & developed businesses as well as being a valued consultant.

investor invitation


Thus far Whizbang has been fully developed by it's founders and is only accepting investment now at launch and international roll out. Interested?


Media Kit

For journalists & PR personel as an introduction to the Whizbang journey.

Logos & Images

A zipped file of high resolution logos,, screenshots & photos for press release.

Product Information Sheet

A basic run down of the WhizBang system and how it works..


Straight from the horses mouth

Is yur company leaking profits

Is Your Company Leaking Profits

Increasing profits isn't just about getting more customers through the door or raising prices. A lot can be gained from reducing costs and winning over existing customers. In this article I discuss how any company canincrease profits considerably by reducing product returns and building more credibility and trust with their customers. What's best of all is that the investment is extremely minimal.

Start Up

I've gotten this far and it has been an exciting and difficukt journey. In this blog I share some of the personal challenges and hurdles I've had to face. Working 15 hours a day 7 days a week is hard work, but at the end of the day I'd rather do this than endure a normal "day job". Every week is different and wearing many different hats never gets boring!



Outsourcing programmers

A Survival Guide for Outsourcing

The most difficult part of building a Start-Up is often the technical development, particularly in dealing with programmers..In this blog I discuss some of the issues I came across while building Whizbang. I share some of the lessons I've learned which could be useful for anyone just starting out.




Have a look at some of the great little successes we've already achieved. Keep an eye on this list as we intend to add a lot more, especially now we are underway.

  • Cebit Pitching Competition

    Selected to Pitch at Cebit Sydney 2014

    One of the 15 chosen from 200 applicants
  • Winner of Pitching Competition iAccelerate - (University of Wollongong Innovation Campus) .

    2014 (concept stage)
  • Startup Smart Competition

    Finalist in the StartUp Smart Awards Melbourne 2014 (concept stage) .

    2013 (concept stage)
  • NSW Government Trade & Investment

    Obtained a grant from the NSW Government Trade & Investment to build Prototype .

  • 4600 members & 2000 videos

    BEFORE the launch of the site we established 4600 registered members & 2000 videos .