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$1000 AU dollars

First prize this month for best instructional video
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Only entrants residing in Australia are eligible to win this prize?

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IMPORTANT:  Competition rules & regulations
Please ensure that you read these first!

Whizbang video competition winner

More prizes coming!
We will be adding new prizes every month
so stay tuned to find out what you could win.

How to enter

STEP 1 Review all contest rules and eligibility requirements. Rules & Regulations
STEP 2. Create an original instructional video demonstrating how to set-up, assemble or operate a new product for the first time. Any product that requires instructions or a degree of learning will be suitable. (Less than 5 minutes)

Examples of suitable products:
Electronic devices such as cameras, televisions, routers, PVRS, printers, phones, security systems, audio receivers etc
Home appliances such as bread makers, cooking devices, ovens, washing machines etc
DIY furniture packs such as shelves, beds, cupboards etc
Tools such as chainsaws, brushcutters (especially when requiring assembly) leaf blowers etc
Outdoor and exercise equipment: assembly of  treadmills, bicycles, trampolines, cubbies etc

STEP 3. Upload your video directly to WhizBang (you will need to be a member) or alternatively upload it to YouTube and then import your video into WhizBang using the url.

STEP 4. Fill out the entry form in the competition section and submit.

Submission requirements

Entry is FREE
Whizbang dog with camera The videos must be in spoken English
Videos should not be more than 5 minutes in duration, however entries may consist of multiple videos (based on the same product) of no more than 5 minutes each.
The products being demonstrated should be no more than 2 years old (preferably less than12 months old).

Participants must ensure the following:
  •  No copyrighted video, music, or images are used in a submission without appropriate permission. Participants are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions. 
  •  Videos must not contain profanity, violence, sex or derogative attacks on organizations or individuals.
  • Any Information provided in the videos is correct (adheres to the product instructions) and any instructions or omission of important information will not cause injury or loss of or damage to property.
  • No misleading claims are made.

Judging criteria

All eligible videos will be scored by a panel of WhizBang officials on the following criteria:

  • Clarity and accuracy of the information provided.
  • Audio and visual quality of the video
  • Creativity and uniqueness of video concept
  • Pacing & timing is effective

Winners will be selected based on an overall score. All judging is in WhizBang’s sole discretion and all decisions are final.


Whizbang dog with popcornThe contest is open to individuals, who are 18 years of age or older. Minors are permitted to create videos, however the entry must be authorised and submitted by an adult. 

The contest is open to contestants worldwide however it will be deemed void for any winner in any country where the competition is prohibited or does not adhere to local regulations. Some prizes are only available to Australian contestants. This will be indicated in the prize descriptions.
On entering, contestants certify that they have read the Official Rules, and  fully understand the contents, meaning and impact of such rules. WhizBang employees and their immediate families, may enter the contest but are not eligible to win.

Start date and end

Clapper dog
The competition will commence on the first day of each month and close on the final day of that same month
at 5pm  (Eastern Standard Time-Australia).
The winners will be announced on the 14th of the following month on the WhizBang Website provided that a minimum number of 10 entries are received. Winners will be be contacted via email.
Please note that judging will not take place & prizes will not be awarded until a minimum of 10 entries are submitted otherwise all entries are deferred for the following month's competition.


Email -
text/phone -  +61 (0)478 397667 +61 (0)242 628315
website -
The competition is held by WhizBang,TV   2, Horsley Drive Horsley, NSW, Australia, 2531

If you are unsure of eligibility, please contact us at