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The quickest way to find a Video Guide for your Product Watch Explainer Video

So What is Whizbang...?

WhizBang is a handy online application that uses short videos to show you how to get your new products set up and working quickly and easily. Instantly access each video by simply scanning the product packaging with a mobile device. ...and it’s FREE!

The Idea Behind WhizBang

Technology should be making life easier, but most people find it frustrating, challenging and far from easy. How many times have you bought a new product only to get it home and be faced with the task of learning how to use it? You’ve got better things to do and besides, do you really enjoy reading instruction manuals? Have you returned a product simply because you didn’t find it easy enough to use or maybe you thought it was broken?

Why do you need it?

Imagine never having to look for a receipt, warranty, user manual or serial number again! With WhizBang you’ll be able to build an inventory of all your home appliances and gadgets. You’ll be able to keep records of purchases, returns, repairs, services and important information. We also plan to add a handy buyer’s guide to help you find out almost anything about a product BEFORE buying it. You’ll be able to access information such as: its features specifications price comparisons reviews as well as promo videos…all by simply scanning the package with your mobile device.

Everything you need to keep your products functioning in the one easy place!

WhizBang will also be offering a “one stop” directory assistance which will directly link users to the help they need for their specific product. No more sifting through manufacturer’s websites for help.

happy woman with ipad
Whizbang will provide shortcuts to:
  • Email & phone support
  • live chat
  • user forums
  • instruction downloads
  • warranty information
  • FAQs
  • repair services etc...


frustrated people


So what do you do
when you NEED HELP?

  • Ask a friend? (...hoping you don’t run out of friends)
  • Go back to the retailer (another trip to the shop!)
  • navigate through the manufacturer's website (where do I start?...It’s like a maze)
  • Search for a discussion forum (hours later…)
  • Search for a quality YouTube video (don’t find one)
  • Pack it up for a rainy day (it ends up in the next garage sale).


How it works



Here's a bit of a more creative video we produced to demonstrate just how helpful WhizBang can be for people of all ages and backgounds. We added a little twist to the story! Hope you like it.

SARAH’S STORY- doing it the WhizBang way.

In the two scenarios below, our character Sarah sets up her new television first using the old fashioned method (trial and error) and then the Whizbang system. Which approach would you prefer?