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No more frustration with new products, appliances or gadgets... and it's FREE!

Whizbang is a handy online application that uses short videos to show you how to get your new products set up and working quickly and easily. Instantly access each video by simply scanning the product barcode with a mobile device.

Thousands of products tutorials & instructional videos!

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Have you got a new product you’d like to set-up, install or just learn to use? Here’s what Whizbang is all about. You can Test Whizbang!

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Are you a bit of a Whizbang when it comes to using gizmos, gadgets & appliances & you reckon you could make a pretty good demonstration video?

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Increase profits & reduce costs!

Do you manufacture or sell products which could really benefit from a demonstation or promotional video. Maybe you’d like to advertise with us?

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